Why Isn’t Anyone Using Skype?

It seems that Skype is a household name that no one actually uses. In the educational world, Skype can be used for a lot of reasons. If you want to present something to your professor or to a colleague then you can use the screen share feature. What if you can’t run something on your computer in your classroom? You could call IT and wait for them to show up, or you can share your screen with IT and let them walk you through the problem.

It also allows for all of the other IM features such as group instant messaging and file sharing but also boasts a bunch of other features such as being able to call a landline phone (does cost money but only pennies per minute), voicemail, and other phone features.

Skype is a mix between IM and phone and even some cellphone support Skype. That aside, Skype can and should be used in the educational world for various reasons. If you have any other uses for Skype please let me know!

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