Are You Ready For Classroom 3.0?

Depending on your age, your classroom looks either different, or very different from a classroom nowadays. I don’t want to date myself too much, but my elementary classroom never had a computer let alone laptops. We used the old style overhead projectors that needed the clear paper with black text or objects to show up on the wall. We never had anything taught to use using a computer and a tablet such as the iPad was not even in the works!

Classroom 1.0 was what I was brought up with and I’m sure many of the readers were too. Classroom 2.0 was quick but I think it is just finishing. Using laptops and computers, new projectors, powerpoint and so on would all be classified in my mind as Classroom 2.0. This is all going on today and it’s great! The new generations are being introduced to the latest technologies and gaining familiarity with how the world and web work together.

Much like Web 2.0 though, Classroom 2.0 was or is going to be brief. Web 2.0 is defined as allowing people to collaborate and share information. It includes blogging and wikis, adsense, bit torrents and peer to peer sharing. However, Web 3.0 is on its way and is defined as a total integrated world (

I think we are ready much like the Web to move to the next iteration of the classroom. Integrating social media and knowledge sharing into the classroom. Allowing students to ask questions in different ways, not just by raising their hand.

Classroom 3.0 hasn’t been defined yet but I think this could be a start. Web 3.0 is on the horizon and the classroom really should be on par with the web. As one grows, they both grow because education today is closely tied to World Wide Web.

Is there more to be added to classroom 3.0? I’m sure there is and there are very creative teachers out there trying to do new things in the classroom that will help everyone move forward.

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