Get Your Students Blogging

Blog are many things including fun, an online voice, a possible income, and much more. Blogs are also a very useful way to store information about something. When dealing with education, blogs can be a great way to store the progress of a project. Some class projects, depending on the grade level, require to have weekly minutes or notes on what was accomplished each week. A text file or Word document is acceptable in most cases, but why not take this to the next level. Why not incorporate Classroom 3.0? It’s simple and better yet, free!

WordPress is a great site for free blogs but there are many others out there. Tumblr is another one and Google has their own at Google Sites. I have worked with all three and I am very impressed with all of them. The nice thing about Google Sites is that you can have multiple people editing the site and have it tie in with your Google Groups. If you are going that route, I highly suggest using Google Docs as well! I’ll be posting about Docs later on.

Teachers can track students blogs and see where they are at with their projects and even write comments on posts to give the students some words of encouragement! There are many possibilities but either way the students will enjoy it. They will more than likely also follow other students blogs and this is how Classroom 3.0 is meant to operate. Interaction between teacher and students by means of social media.

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