LinkedIn. Best Online Resume

If you haven’t visited LinkedIn, or if you haven’t signed up there yet, I suggest you at least take a look at the website and determine if you should. LinkedIn is a business orientated social networking site and was launched way back in 2003 (I say way back because 2003 is 7 years ago, and in the tech world, that could be a lifetime). Facebook was launched in 2004 so LinkedIn was a year ahead, just to give some perspective.

With LinkedIn, you can create a network of people you know or worked with. It also allows you to create an online resume listing the places you worked at, schools you attended and what your status is right now. Whether you are currently employed, looking for work or just wanting to be a reference for others.

Students in highschool and definitely in later years really should take advantage of this platform. They can start adding the people they know and try to make contacts through others. You cannot post pictures of your weekend or anything like that on the site. It is strictly just for business. And trust me, it is much better to send an employer your LinkedIn profile than your Facebook!

Try it out and recommend it to your students. Of course, it’s free to sign up!

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