Teaching With Youtube

Jacquard's LoomI could say the words Jacquards Loom and most people would probably be confused. I could show you a picture of Jacquard’s Loom and it might start making some sense. However, I could show you a video and it would all make sense. This is how I taught the concept of Jacquard’s Loom in my 3rd year Computer Science course.

I won’t go fully into the lesson but I will say that this had a major impact on the computing world with the introduction of punch cards. Read more about it here if you are interested.

Before the lecture began, I dimmed the lights and showed the video I mentioned above. The students weren’t too sure what they were watching or why, but they understood the concept of what was happening. After the video, I then used a PowerPoint slide to explain further how the video ties in with Computer Science.

Youtube can be a great asset to any teacher. Pictures are worth 1,000 words and sometimes videos are worth saving a whole lecture on explaining something that is hard to describe!

Try explaining the flagellar motor without pictures or youtube!

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