Free Education Games – Beware!

If you go to any search engine (I used Google) and type in ‘Free educational games’, you will get pages and pages of results. However, not all of these sites have games, and not all of the sites with games are educational. An educational game isn’t defined as being ‘cartoony’ and having no blood or gore. Educational games need to be…educational. ¬†You need to make sure that there brain is being worked and that questions are being asked and answered. I don’t want to promote any one site, but TVOKids has a lot of great games for kids that are education and fun.

Games that have objectives of shooting something without any real thought, are education and shouldn’t be in the classroom. Math games, science games, spelling and memory games are all great for students and children.

Before you tell your students or kids to search for kids games, I suggest that you try to find some good sites first and bookmark them. Play the games yourself and see if they really are educational. Check the website content and see what ads are being shown and the vocabulary being used.

There are lots of great education games out there on the web, some are just harder to find than others.

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