Ning, Your New Social Network

Have you heard of Ning? Do you use Ning? Maybe the question should be… What is Ning? It could be Myspace, Facebook, or your own social network hub. Now I am not advertising for Ning because Ning does cost a monthly fee. I am just simply stating the benefits of it and how it could be used for schools and their classrooms. Take for example this website: It has to deal with Education Technology and it is its own little portal. You have a profile, a community, message board, news feed and you are allowed to post pictures, videos and more importantly… discussions!


Ning is a great tool for schools to use and give each class an individual website. Classroom discussions can get posted, homework and so much more. There is a fee like I said, but it is very small if used by a whole school. If you are using Ning at your school already, please let me know and I will mention it on this site!

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