The Social Media Classroom Project

The curriculum in a specific class in Canada, might be different than the same class in America or overseas somewhere. However, the core of the class is still there. For example, world history in a grade 7 or 8 class cover a lot of the same material across the world, with some minor changes. So for a subject like history, how could social media help students?

What if you take the topic of WWII and take a class from Canada and one from Europe and collaborate on a group project together? It could be with Google Docs, or it could be done through a facebook group or a different means of social media. The point is that it could be done and should be done. Student can learn about working in groups when the timezones are different and when there may be a bit of a language barrier. When they enter the real world, these are all real problems. I work with students and staff from India and Scotland and timezones and language is a real issue.

Maybe the project is just some research and a Powerpoint presentation. It doesn’t have to be anything huge because the experience itself will be great. There are some issues with doing this such as organization of the project and teacher-to-teacher communication as well, but after the first project is finished, the next one will be easier.

With webcams and social apps, this is social media project is achievable and something that schools should consider doing.

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