Guest Lectures Through Social Media

Have you ever wished that as a teacher, you could bring in someone who is influential in a certain subject area? Maybe Steven Spielberg for movie directing, Dan Brown for writing, Peter Molyneux for game design or maybe Richard Dawkins for biology. There are many influential people out there and not all are well known like the list I gave. However, these people could be available for your classroom! If you fly them to your city, it will cost you thousands after the hotel fees, flights and whatever else may accumulate. What if we could use social media to have a virtual guest lecture?

Skype, Google Video, MSN chat, and many other forms will allow us to video stream people from all over the world. Did you grow up with someone who is now running their own business? Maybe this person could guest speak on what it is like to start off as a small company. This would be a great idea for a business class.

There are tons of possibilities and we just need to open our eyes to the technology out there. Students see no boundaries and we shouldn’t put up any boundaries either. I remember in school we would write letters to people saying thank you, or asking questions. Now we can video conference with these same people. I hope this is happening in classrooms already and if not, I hope it starts soon.

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