Where Is Your Data?

Have you ever had a computer crash on you? Lose student marks or import spreadsheets because ‘something went wrong’? It happens to all of us, myself included. I have lost 2 theses because of a hard drive failure but luckily the second time, I had most of what I have done backed up. ┬áThere has to be a better way to store data. Now no matter what you do, it is always best to back up information. I have many copies of my resume, portfolio and other items stored in a few different places. My hard drive is my main source, but also my USB stick, and my email and two other great sources.

Email? Yes I said email. If the file isn’t large (most Word documents or Excel sheets), I suggest you email it to yourself. If your computer crashes, it is still in your email. Best of all, your email should be very secure. Gmail is great because it has so much space available (I think it is hovering somewhere over seven gigs). Losing data is horrible but it’s even worse when you know you cannot ever get it back.

Students should get in the habit of doing this but also teachers! Another advantage is that if you do not have your USB stick with you and you are at a meeting or somewhere other than where your computer is at, you can still access all of your files that you have in your email. This is great if you are always on the go and not always near your computer but still near a computer.

So to answer the question of where is your data, the answer is simple; It’s in more than one place! If that is not your current answer, then start emailing yourself a whole lot more and get your important files in the cloud!

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