Online Learning in the Workplace

Online learning in the workplace is a bit different than having online learning in the classroom. However, there is still plenty of room to implement this learning method in the workplace with the right people and methods. Online learning in the workplaces allows for employees to receive training for their job or to better themselves at a very low cost and at the employees benefit. The employees can learn at their own pace and can take courses outside of the workplace as well. This allows for flexibility of learning which is a main advantage of online learning.

The drawbacks of online learning in the workplace would be that similar of implementing online learning in any environment; technology. it may take time and work to implement an online learning environment into a workplace, especially if the workplace is not one filled with technology already. This would mean that the company in question would have to hire or outsource people to bring in the necessary tools to allow for online learning and this can be quite costly. Also, if this workplace does not have an IT staff, then it may become difficult in the future if there is a problem with the online learning and it needs to be fixed.

Online professional development is an emerging way of development and it has a lot of benefits associated with it. In my university, a lot of professors could benefit from this because they can become better familiar with technology and online learning which would make our slow transition a lot smoother from traditional learning to eLearning. To implement such a program would take the obvious of time and money, but also the right people to put it in place. We already have a few classrooms dedicated to Videoconferencing and this room could easily be converted for online learning with the added tool of having video as well. The final item that needs to be implementing for this to work would be research. Much research is needed to find out what has worked with other universities and to possibly follow their implementation plan. I do feel that most organizations should look at online learning because it is a great tool that benefits everyone around it and especially in the workplace.

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