The Need For eLearning

Advice for Success

  • eLearning reaches out to new students
  • It takes away borders
  • Allows for a better learning experience

To be sure of success, here are some tips to help out:

The Technology

  • Get Familiar With It!
  • Don’t rely too much on I.T. to solve problems
  • You can answer questions from students more quickly than acting as a middle man
  • Make sure you know how the tools work. You want to always look confident in front of the students.
  • Technology makes it easy, but doesn’t eliminate the work!

The Student View

  • Wear Their Shoes!
  • When you have everything set up, put yourself in the shoes of the student.
  • If you are using software such as Moodle or WebEx, you can allow yourself to be the student and to see what they see.
  • If it is too complicated for you to find lessons or notes, then it will be too difficult for the student.

Time Management

  • Your Time, Their Time
  • Remember that it may take additional time than a traditional class to prepare
  • You must be available to students and be quick to respond
  • Include time management skills and some sort of schedule
  • Understand who the students are and why they might be taking an online course (family, work, etc.)


  • Get The Students Involved
  • They cannot do in-class activities, but they can still be engaged and get involved
  • Be creative and don’t forget about the interaction

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