Authentic Learning with Multiple Perspectives

In an eLearning environment, having ‘Multiple Perspectives’ is an absolute necessity. When you are in the traditional classroom and a discussion is taking place, opinions are heard from many different people which may include many different cultures and attitudes. When inside the virtual classroom, or learning through eLearning, that same experience should not be taken away. Students should be able to have the opportunity to see and view things from the eyes of others; even if that is being part of a forum discussion. This does not just apply to people’s perspective, but is also applicable to the perspective of the task at hand. The students must be able to ‘tackle’ a problem from multiple angles and gain insight and knowledge from multiple areas. A simple ‘Google Search’ is not always enough and should never be the only path to information. When search engines are used however, the student should be able to separate information from the relevant material to the irrelevant material.

The answers to certain questions may be found through a search engine but that should not always be the case. Asking questions, reading papers, and consulting others with experience are other great ways to learn. Group work that involves a lot of communication is great way to have this. One way to implement this is to group together people from various backgrounds. When working on a project, they can consult each other to learn different things and gain experience that way. It also enhances the communication channels and allows from different opinions to be heard and taken accounted for. Discussions can take place online and answers can be found locally and more importantly, a culture can be created in the long term.

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