iPads in the Classroom

Kindergartners, who are roughly 5 years old are now being introduced to iPads. The cost? It is going to be roughly $200,000 to make sure each student is equipped with the latest tablet from Apple. My view on this is sort of split down the middle. While I agree that students should be introduced to this technology and that iPads (or other tablets) can enhance learning, I think the cost is very high. Does every student need one? What about 10 for the class?

But this does open up a whole new market for games. Educational games have always been targeted towards grades 3+ but now there is this whole new age group to be targeted. So in that sense, this is good news! I wrote a post before about iPads in the classroom and how students were reading Shakespeare and they had the ability to highlight words that they cannot pronounce and the device would say that would aloud for them.

Any thoughts?

source: http://www.eschoolnews.com/2011/04/13/ipads-take-a-place-next-to-crayons-in-kindergarten/

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