Training in the Online Learning Environment

For an online course, the instructor must know how to use the technology, but also the learner needs to be able to as well. If a learner does not have the necessary technological skills, the student will quickly fall behind. It is very difficult for some to grasp the concept of certain technology and learning portals are not always easy to navigate. This can lead to a lot of frustration, which then leads to a negative learning experience.

I believe there should be prerequisite technological skills for the program and not necessarily each individual course. At the start of any online program (or single course if that is all that is being taken/offered) students should be enrolled into a Technology 101 course. This course does not have to have assignments or grades, but it can provide links and presentations to learning the required tools for the program. For example, all faculty could be registered on the schools Course Management System (CMS) for a course titled CMS 101. This course would provide the faculty with PDF documents and websites that help them learn how to use the CMS to post articles, presentations, have student chats, create a forum, etc. The same should be developed for students. The site can allow them to learn about all of the essential skills needed for an online course and they can do this at their own pace.

Online learning is great but there is still a learning curve.

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