The $25 Computer

Can it run Crysis? Of course not. Can it allow the less fortunate access to a computer? Yes!

The specs are not spectacular (700MHz ARM11 processor, 128M of SDRAM and a SD/MMC/SDIO memory card slot) but it does run Ubuntu (personal favorite). Sure you need an HDMI input which is more costly than the device itself (even the cheapest HDMI TV is still a couple hundred dollars), but this is just the start. It’s not perfect, but it’s the beginning. Students need the use of computers and there are a good amount of students who cannot afford a personal laptop or computer.

I like the direction this is going into and hopefully others can jump on board. I know Google is offering their Chrome OS on a notebook (netbook) for students at a very cheap price (see link at bottom) and I think it’s great! I know it can’t play highend 3D games or play bluray… but you can surely type up an essay and do your homework on it!


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