Blended Learning

Blended learning has many definitions. Is it in-class teaching mixed with online learning? Is it in-class teaching in combination with distance students. What about video conferencing classes? The question is, what is blended learning? So many schools are now implementing this but no one knows what it is.

Maybe blended learning is just a combination of all of the above. However, it can soon get a bad name because of bad implementation. Just because you post materials on your CMS or LMS does not mean your course is now blended with technology. Blended learning should mean that part of the in-class teaching time is now online. Using forums and online chats would be blended learning but if you just add this on top of your course, then it is really just more work for the student and not necessarily a blended format.

Think of it this way; your course is 100% in-class. Now you want to add forums and online chats and possible some other online activities. If you add those on, now your course is 100% in-class and maybe another 10-20% online. This is not fair to the student and it will actually make them resent online learning. Your class total always needs to be 100%.

I’ll be posting more about blended learning in the future.

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