Stigma of Educational Games

You can’t learn anything from playing games. Games won’t teach you any real skills. Games are a distraction and even worse… games create violence! Let’s not have games be put in the classrooms.

All of those sentences, I have heard at some point. Many from multiple different people. There is still this huge stigma against games and especially about games in the classroom. In a study done in 2011 by Kadir Pepe titled “A study on the playing of computer games, class success and attitudes of parents to primary school students” found that:

  • 53% were indifferent if their child played computer games
  • 36% were against their child playing games
  • 11% supported their child playing games

36% is a very large number for parents to be dead set against their child playing games. The means in a classroom, you can expect over a third of parents to have issue with the child playing a game for educational purposes. Even though games have proved to be effective in the classroom and also in other areas (medical, military, etc.), there is still a stigma of video games. Maybe in time this will go away but what is needed is solid research that games are effective. There are lots of papers out there that say this, but these papers need to be available for all to see so that the general public can understand and more importantly parents.

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