Lecture Content Over Lecture Technology

Source: http://www.universityaffairs.ca/students-prefer-good-lectures-over-the-latest-technology-in-class.aspx

There is a lot of technology available in classrooms. First the classroom itself: Computers, document cameras, projectors, smart boards, etc. Then you have the technology for the content: CMS/LMS, youtube, powerpoint, etc. While these technologies are great, and I am in favour of using them, sometimes those technologies are not what the students are looking for.

In the article linked above:

“University students prefer the “old school” approach of an engaging lecture over the use of the latest technological bells and whistles in the classroom … They want to listen to a professor who’s engaging, who’s intellectually stimulating and who delivers the content to them”

From teacher to teacher, it will change on what technology works best in a classroom. Some prefer document cameras, others want to use overhead projectors. However, teachers should not get hung up on what technology to use, but instead how to best get the content to the students because that is what they really want.  So instead of reading line by line off the slide, it sometimes might be best to just grab a chair and sit and talk to the students.

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