Can Asynchronous Learning Be Used In My Classroom?

Short answer: Of course!

So what is asynchronous learning? Well it’s not a big part of the traditional classroom in the form of communication. This type of learning includes communication through email, forums or discussion boards, wiki’s and others as well.

Asynchronous learning gives the learner a chance to reflect as opposed to being asked a question in class and having to respond immediately (synchronous). Reflection has a lot of benefit and it also allows students to answer with research. A question can be posted on a forum and the student then has time to research, reflect, gather thoughts and then answer. During this time, opinions may change once the research and facts are gathered.

How to use it in your classroom? Well you need to have a CMS setup or you could do this through email as well. In an online class, most of it is done asynchronously, but it is also good to have some synchronous part of the course as well. The same is true for traditional classrooms. That synchronous part of learning is happening all the time, and adding asynchronous learning should be done as well. It gives balance to the classroom.

There are lots of studies that have been done about the advantages of reflection in the classroom. Take a look at your class and see where you can add some asynchronous learning!

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