Teacher Perceptions of Games in Singapore Schools

Here is a free article that talks about teachers perceptions about using games in schools. Here is the abstract:

With the proliferation of entertainment games, supported by heavy investment in the underlying technologies, educators are now examining the educational values of gaming and attempting to incorporate games into their teaching. In Singapore, the game sector is worth many million Singapore dollars (SGDs), and gaming is an engaging activity of the young. Using a survey, this study examined the use of games and simulations in schools. The study was designed to shed light on the use of gaming activities in learning, perception of adoption and use, and problems encountered in teachers’ attempts to adopt games. Factors related to teaching level, experience, and subject were also analyzed for possible influence on teachers’ perceptions of game-related learning.

The biggest thing I took away from this was that the survey discovered that one of the biggest barriers in game adoption is that games are only tangentially relevant to the course material and do not address the topics directly. This is tied directly to my current research. Take a read at the article as it brings up some other interesting discoveries.

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