BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

It’s a great concept and great on paper. Have everyone bring their own device, whether it be Android, Apple, Windows, etc. However, compatibility is always an issue. What if a student only has a Playbook? There are a lot of apps that do no work on the Playbook (or any Blackberry device) but work on other platforms. It’s a great idea and can save students money, but it may have other students feeling left out.

The solution? Websites! You could have an app point to a website, but why not just make a compatible website that can do everything on every device? That would be my solution. The downside is that every student would need access to the WIFI network, but that really isn’t that big of deal. If it is a responsive website, then all devices can view the site without losing quality.

Next time your thinking of building a tool on a device, ask yourself if it is possible to do the same thin on the web.

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