Teaching Together – We Teach Ontario

There are thousands of teachers often teaching the same thing, or living similar lives. Teaching, researching, etc. Sometimes it would be nice to know how others are handling the situation, or maybe what others are doing for their situation? How is X being taught over there? Or how would someone else handle this particular situation? There is a website called weteachontario.ca that is trying to keep a connection between teachers and researchers across Ontario.

We Teach Ontario is about the ways in which Ontario’s professors and academic librarians are connecting teaching and research to produce exceptional student learning, community engagement, and cutting-edge knowledge. РSee more at: http://weteachontario.ca/about/#sthash.kr1i6Abk.dpuf

So what do you teach and how to do teach it? Teachers are still students and can always learn more. Check out the blog and more information at weteachontario.ca

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