Back to School – Technology Upgrades

School is coming back soon and this is the time that the classrooms are getting upgraded with new technologies. New computers, wireless network upgrades, and even the conversions from blackboards to whiteboards. There is a cost to this and often a learning curve (depending what the leap is from old technology to new technology). This cost can be a wall for many schools simply because they cannot afford it. However, this is a necessary cost which has to be budgeted for. It’s not just the cost of the hardware/software either, but it’s the training cost as well. Here is an article about Montgomery students and how their classrooms will be upgrades.

Many other places are doing this upgrade and it is important to have training sessions as well. The technology can be great, but if the instructors are shying away from it, then the new technologies are useless. I will post soon about the training and how it should be done. If you know your school is going through this upgrade though, don’t be afraid to contact someone for details and maybe schedule some training!

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