Google Docs for Education

Google Docs for Education
Using Google Docs for education can transform teacher learning and growth.  Google Docs originated from Writely and Google Spreadsheets.  Some of the best features of Google Docs that teachers should know about include:

  • It lets you create Google documents, spreadsheets and additional file types and collections
  • It allows you to upload, manage and store files and folders
  • It lets you share Google Docs, files and collections
  • It allows you to share images and videos you have uploaded to your documents list
  • It enables users to collaborate on documents in real time
  • It offers a chat function for collaborators to use while working on docs

Google docs for Education
Google Docs for Education
Many students may wonder: What is Google Apps for Education while teachers may face difficulties determine how to use Google Apps for Education.  The following sections provide answers to both queries.

What is Google Apps for Education?
Google Apps allow students to connect through the use of online documents, calendaring and web publishing.  It is vital for students to communicate locally and globally.  New-age communication skills are strongly supported by the use of Google Apps.  Google Apps promote online interaction and revising and supports the transition from paper-based development and feedback to true communication and collaboration.

Teachers: How to Use Google Apps for Education
Teachers can use Google Apps to work on the same lesson plan at the same time with colleagues and you can even store lesson plans in your school's shared Doc list so anyone at your school can find and access the document.  Google Docs can also be used to revise student work.  Use revision history so students will be held accountable for their work.  Docs enables teachers to publish student documents as well.  

The Research tool in Docs for Android allows users to search Google without navigating to another window and you can also add content to your document without having to leave Docs. 


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