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How much is a Chromebook?

How much is a Chromebook?
Google is leading the way when it comes to education innovation.  From the company's extraordinary apps to Google's Chromebooks for Education, the technology company understands that education is the most powerful weapon that can change the world.

Google's Chromebooks come equipped with virus protection and the powerful tools are very easy to use.  So how much does a Chromebook cost?

For those wondering: How much is a Chromebook? The answer is not simple because a Chromebook is a laptop running Chrome OS therefore numerous companies offer Chromebooks.

There are numerous Google Chromebooks that are available at a variety of prices.  Here are some ASUS Google Chromebooks, which are priced $169-$249:

For those wondering: How much does a Chromebook cost? Remember that education is priceless.  It is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.  Here are some Acer Chromebooks:

Chromebooks for Education Chromebooks are…

Famous Quotes About Education

Famous Quotes About Education
This article provides inspirational education quotes for students and teachers.  Motivation is a critical part of a student's educational experience.  Inspirational quotes about education can improve the quality of teachers and students, helping to pave a successful future.

Many of us learn the hard way that nothing in life comes easy.  For students, this realization can be discouraging yet we must remind them that it should motivate them to work harder.  Inspirational quotes for school can impact administrators and faculty who also play a vital role in student success.

Higher levels of motivation is the secret to greater understanding and it also increases the student's self-esteem.  The most effective inspirational quotes for students transform the way students approach school and relate to teachers.  They often inspire students to dedicate a greater amount of time to their studies and they begin to ask more questions and perform better on test.

Top 10 Education Apps

Students and teachers must embrace the benefits of putting technology to use for educational purposes.  Technology connects students to the world and prepares them for the future.  Computers offer an infinite amount of possibilities and educators must continue to develop their technological capabilities.

Emerging technologies continue to provide innovative and sophisticated forms of learning.  This list provides a list of useful apps to take advantage of the enormous opportunities offered by technology.
Google Education Apps
Google's education apps are free for schools and enable easy collaboration.  You can use Google's education apps on any device including your tablet, computer or phone.

"We want Google to be the third half of your brain."

iTunes U
iTunes U is a great app for instructors.  It allows you to build interactive lessons, collect assignments and grade work from students.  iTunes U even enables teachers to communicate with others, one-on-one or in groups.